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Pet Parade

180-gram 1LP
The Pet Parade, the title track to Fruit Bats' ninth album, might be a surprising opening track for longtime fans of Eric D. Johnson's beloved indie folk-rock project. The six-and-a-half-minute tone poem smolders and drones over just two chords, inspired by the strange and silly community events that he saw growing up outside of Chicago, in La Grange, Illinois, in which people dressed up and showed off their pets. Decades later, The Pet Parade emerges in troubled times, living within what Johnson refers to as the beauty and absurdity of existence. At times upbeat and reassuring ("Eagles Below Us") and at times quietly contemplative ("On the Avalon Stairs"), The Pet Parade marks a milestone for Johnson, who celebrates 20 years of Fruit Bats in 2021. In some ways still a cult band, in other ways a time-tested act, Fruit Bats has consistently earned enough small victories to carve out a career in a notoriously fickle scene. US 1. The Pet Parade 2. Cub Pilot 3. Discovering 4. The Balcony 5. Here for Now, for You 6. On the Avalon Stairs 7. Eagles Below Us 8. Holy Rose 9. All in One Go 10. Gullwing Doors 11. Complete N N Y N MERGE RECORDS 12/17/2020 8 26624 N N 0 0 1 .50 35471929 16.98 11.97 1 MRIA1280.1 5016958996451 01 WALK,SARAH LITTLE BLACK BOOK 01/26/2018 001 002 US N N N BLUE N MRI ASSOCIATED 10/31/2017 1 26625 N N 0 1 1 .91 27990186 19.98 13.17 0 MRMI100401.1 889397101466 01 HZ VSKRYTIE POKAZHET (DISSECTION WILL EXPLAIN) 02/17/2015 001 002 N N N N MIRUMIR 03/10/2015 5 26626 N N 0 0 1 .50 15735041 19.98 13.40 0 MRNA76.1 4047179552516 01 CASH,BRENT HOW STRANGE IT SEEMS 06/07/2011 001 002 1. I Wish I Were a Song 2. It's Easier Without Her 3. I Can't Love You Anymore Than I Do 4. Just Like Today 5. How Strange It Seems 6. Where Do All the Raindrops Go 7. The Heart Will Always Work Alone 8. I Must Tell You Now 9. Don't Turn Your Back on the Stars 10. I Just Can't Look Away 11. I Wish I Were a Song (Epilogue) N N N N MARINA 04/13/2011 5 26627 N N 0 0 1 .58 33086491 25.98 17.64 0 MRNA82.1 4015698010510 01 STEELE,COLIN DIVING FOR PEARLS: JAZZ INTERPRETATIONS OF THE 07/28/2017 001 007 US 1. The Bluebells 2. We'll Get By 3. Everything Works Out 4. The Vampires of Camelon 5. Ice Race 6. You'll Never Steal My Spirit 7. Gone in the Winter 8. Snow on the Pines 9. The Umbrellas of Shibuya 10. Swan Dreams N N N N MARINA 06/08/2017 5 26628 N N 0 0 1 .56 10689349 19.98 13.46 0 MRR101.1 725543110114 01 MITCHELL,BOBBY I'M GONNA BE A WHEEL SOMEDAY 12/25/1999 001 004 Original version. (Previously deleted:7/1/05. Original release date:1997) 1. I'm Crying 2. Rack 'Em Back 3. I'm a Young Man 4. Angel Child 5. The Wedding Bells Are Ringing 6. Meant for Me 7. One Friday Morning 8. 4 X 11 = 44 9. Baby's Gone 10. Sister Lucy 11. She Couldn't Be Found 12. School Boy Blues 13. Nothing Sweet As You 14. I Cried 15. I Wish I Knew 16. I'm in Love 17. Try Rock & Roll 18. I Fell for You 19. You Are My Angel 20. No No No 21. I Try So Hard 22. Goin' Round in Circles 23. I've Got My Fingers Crossed 24. How Long (Must I Wait) 25. Sixty Four Hours 26. You Always Hurt the One You Love 27. I Love to Hold You (More and More) 28. I Would Like to Know 29. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday 30. You Better Go Home 31. You're Going to Be Sorry 32. Hearts of Fire 33. Well, I Done Got Over It 34. Just Say You Love Me 35. Send Me Your Picture 36. You're Doing Me Wrong 37. There's Only One of You 38. Mama Don't Allow 39. When First We Met 40. I'll Fiddle While You Cry 41. Oh Yeah 42. My Southern Belle 43. Got to Call That Number 44. I Never Knew What Hit Me 45. I Don't Want to Be a Wheel No More 46. Walking in Circles 47. You Got the Nerve N N N N MR R&B 03/18/2005 5 26629 N N 0 0 1 .39 28249368 24.98 17.87 0 MRY5355132.1 600753551325 01 STEWART,ROD AN OLD RAINCOAT WON'T EVER LET 06/23/2015 001 002 Limited 180gm vinyl LP repressing of this 1969 album by the veteran rock vocalist. An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down � AKA The Rod Stewart Album - was the solo debut album by Rod Stewart released in the United Kingdom in February 1970. In the United States, the album was released in November 1969 as The Rod Stewart Album and peaked at #139 on the US Billboard 200 album chart. Freshly split from the hard-edged Jeff Beck Group and about to join Faces, Rod Stewart rocked out on this album with songs such as the Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man" plus many other others including five original songs. A brilliant kickoff to the singer's long and storied solo career. Several members of Faces also appear on the album, as well as Keith Emerson, Jeff Beck Group drummer Micky Waller and guitarists Martin Pugh (of Steamhammer, and later Armageddon and 7th Order) and Martin Quittenton (also from Steamhammer). 1. Street Fighting Man 2. Man of Constant Sorrow 3. Blind Prayer 4. Handbags & Gladrags 5. An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down 6. I Wouldn't Ever Change a Thing 7. Cindy's Lament 8. Dirty Old Town N N N N MERCURY 05/04/2015 5 26630 N N 0 0 1 .83 40298412 63.98 49.92 0 MOFI490.1 821797249010 01 T.REX ELECTRIC WARRIOR 09/04/2020 001 002 'T. Rex's Exotic Landmark Signals the Birth of Glam Rock, Features 'Bang a Gong (Get It On)' and 'Jeepster': Electric Warrior Swaggers with Libido, Flamboyance, Fantasy, Fun, and Theatricality. Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's State-of-the-Art Mastering System: 180g 45RPM Vinyl 2LP Set Presents the 1971 Record's Reverb, Colors, Tones, and String Arrangements in Full-Tilt Glory. Named the 160th Greatest Album of All Time by Rolling Stone: Catchy Boogies, Shuffles, and Vamps Burst with Excessive Fun and Playful Pretense. Bang a gong and get it on. At once sardonic, flamboyant, and trashy, T. Rex's uncommonly unique Electric Warrior catapulted leader Marc Bolan to stardom, triggered an ongoing fascination with glam rock, and launched a movement that soon involved David Bowie, Roxy Music, and more. Yet none of those namesake artists ever released a record that out-glammed, out-thrusted, or outcamped Electric Warrior-named the 160th Greatest Album of All Time by Rolling Stone. Bursting with excessive fun and unchecked libido, T. Rex's catchy boogies, shuffles, and vamps scoot by on a seemingly impossible blend of concise hooks, non-sequitur fantasies, and theatrical swagger. The 1971 landmark remains a rewardingly strange, parallel universe of sound, style, and sex that still has no equal. US 1. Mambo Sun 2. Cosmic Dancer 3. Jeepster 4. Monolith 5. Lean Woman Blues 6. Bang a Gong (Get It on) 7. Planet Queen 8. Girl 9. The Motivator 10. Life's a Gas 11. Rip Off N 180 N N N MOBILE FIDELITY 02/28/2020 4 26631 N N 0 0 2 1.72 36871957 22.98 14.51 0 MONK93.1 880918233390 01 GUT,GUDRUN MOMENT 12/14/2018 001 015 Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. German electronic originator Gudrun Gut's solo collection distills a lifetime of persuasions and obsessions into a compelling 14-track statement: "Moment." Stark, somber, sultry, and clever, the sides slide between ballad and lament, synth-pop and spoken word, anthemic and abstract. Gut's background as a key figure in Berlin's first-wave industrial uprising still casts an aura in the music's mechanized rhythms and frozen emotional palette but decades of improvisation and collaboration have deepened her sense of composition and melody beyond any easy genre categorization. If anything "Moment" finds Gut's muse at it's most enigmatic, threading shades of motorik hypnosis, technoid laboratory, coldwave pop, glitchy gauze, and even a gender-bent Bowie cover ("Boys Keep Swinging") into it's eclectic web. It also showcases the depth and detail of her voice, reserved but suggestive, intoning blunt truths and opaque poetry in both German and English. US N N N N MONIKA 10/17/2018 5 26632 N N 0 0 1 .59 27032978 19.98 13.24 0 MOTB002156601.1 602537931996 01 MOTOWN CHRISTMAS / VARIOUS MOTOWN CHRISTMAS / VARIOUS 11/24/2014 001 018 023 1. It's Christmas Time (Smokey Robinson and Kevin Ross) 2. This Christmas (Brian Courtney Wilson and Gene Moore, Jr.) 3. Go Tell It on the Mountain / Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Gregory Porter and Anita Wilson) 4. Angels We Have Heard on High/Glory in the Highest (Kierra Sheard and Chrisette Michele) 5. Little Drummer Boy (Tye Tribbett) 6. The Christmas Song (Ne-Yo and Tasha Cobbs) 7. Christmas Overture (Carol of the Bells/My Favorite Things) (The Aaron Lindsey Orchestra) 8. Joy to the World (Micah Stampley and Sheri Jones-Moffett) 9. Bethlehem (Kem and Janice Gaines) 10. O Come All Ye Faithful (Tasha Cobbs) 11. Silent Night (Vashawn Mitchell) 12. Mary Did You Know (India. Arie and Gene Moore, Jr. ) 13. Mary's Revelation Interlude 14. O Holy Night (Smokie Norful) 15. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Toni Braxton and Babyface) 16. Silent Night (The Temptations) N N N N MOTOWN 08/21/2014 2 26633 N N 0 0 2 .95 31611527 9.98 6.50 0 MRBG45022B.7 711969121407 07 LEE,RITA AGORA E MODA / SUPERMARKET 10/28/2016 001 012 UK N N N N MR BONGO 10/11/2016 2 26634 N N 0 0 1 .11 38827792 16.98 11.60 0 MREA11.1 4251648411475 01 KLINGEBIEL,JOHANNES IT'S OK TO CRY 03/29/2019 001 015 Mireia Records welcomes back Johannes Klingebiel, an artist who has steadily carved a niche for himself with his distinct brand of emotive, yet playful house music. He's continuing his knack for contemplative, melodic and danceable music on It's OK To Cry. Inspired by the music, label heads RSS Disco set out to find a striking visual reflection of this release. Reverse matte sleeve with hand stamped labels and inlay card. US N N N N MIREIA 03/12/2019 5 26635 N N 0 0 1 .50 26889115 9.98 6.50 0 MRBG7118.7 711969128871 07 PRINCE FATTY / MUNGO'S HIFI SUGARWATER 08/05/2014 001 012 N N N N MR BONGO 07/29/2014 2 26636 N N 0 0 1 .11 31219662 17.98 11.45 94 MRG574.1 673855057415 01 BUTLER,WILL FRIDAY NIGHT 09/09/2016 001 002 Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Will Butler returns with Friday Night, an album of live performances from the tour in support of his solo debut album, Policy. Recorded mostly at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on June 4, 2015, Friday Night includes five brand-new songs, five from Policy, and two songs he wrote for The Guardian newspaper last year. Capturing the energy of the dynamite Will Butler band was the major inspiration for this release. Miles Arntzen (EMEFE, Antibalas) played drums (standing up at a full kit - he didn't use a hi-hat pedal, so he could stand on that leg while working the kick drum with the other), Julie Shore played synth bass, and Sara Dobbs played synth leads and Mellotron pads. Everybody sang backing vocals. Featuring artwork by Broad City's Abbi Jacobson, Friday Night is the perfect companion to Policy and an exciting look ahead to what we can expect from Will Butler in the future. US 1. Encore - Tell Me We're All Right 2. Introduction 3. You Must Be Kidding 4. Sun Comes Up 5. Madonna Can't Save Me Now 6. Something's Coming 7. Anna 8. II 9. Sing to Me 10. Public Defender 11. Take My Side 12. Encore - Friday Night N N Y N MERGE RECORDS 06/20/2016 1 26637 N N 0 94 1 .61 36640706 14.98 9.66 83 MRG667.1 673855066714 12 JADE HAIRPINS MOTHER MAN / GRACEFULLY 10/05/2018 001 002 "Mother Man" b/w "Gracefully" is the debut single from Jade Hairpins, pressed on black vinyl with a digital download.Jade Hairpins are hiding quietly in a tall grove, softly whisking away the mask of dew and doubt, thrilling the needed speakable truths of equality and peace into four beats and cascading melody on their debut. The shapes and names of a world appear US 1. Mother Man 2. Gracefully N N N N MERGE RECORDS 08/20/2018 1 26638 N N 0 83 1 .51 40345093 17.98 11.45 188 MRG671.1 673855067117 01 JADE HAIRPINS HARMONY AVENUE 05/29/2020 001 002 Jade Hairpins�sneaked onto the scene in late 2018 with a�mysterious 12-inch�on Merge Records and a couple of poetic sentences about hiding in trees. The label remained tight-lipped while touting�Dose Your Dreams, a truly epic new�Fucked Up�album released on the same day. Fast forward to 2020, when Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco and songwriter/guitarist Mike Haliechuk burst out of the proverbial trees with�Harmony Avenue, a collection of songs written and recorded in real time. Pop foraging with analog acoustics and electronic landscaping. The album's themes mostly focus on contradictory behavior and double entendres as well as regret and control, revelation, support, and complete absurdity. Jade Hairpins are here to challenge, confound, and sparkle their way into listeners' hearts and keep them coming back for more! US 1. J Terrapin 2. (Don't Break My) Devotion 3. Father Coin 4. Yesterdang 5. Post No Bill 6. Broadstairs Beach 7. Dolly Dream 8. Mary Magazine 9. Truth Like a Mirage 10. Motherman N N Y N MERGE RECORDS 03/13/2020 1 26639 N N 0 188 1 .59 41278550 9.98 7.27 0 MRIA02.7 020286233633 07 MEGA RAN PROTO CULTURE V2.0 02/12/2021 001 039 US N N N N MRI ASSOCIATED 01/07/2021 8 26640 N N 0 0 1 .09 33536385 24.98 19.30 0 MRIA080.1 020286224808 01 MOTHS & LOCUSTS INTRO/OUTRO 10/06/2017 001 002 US 1. Acid Cloud, Pt. 1 2. Sea Hell 3. Hymn to Hathor 4. Strange Space 5. Acid Cloud, Pt. 2 6. Scream 7. Roadside 8. He Who Has the Most Strings 9. Martian Sunrise N N N N MRI ASSOCIATED 08/21/2017 5 26641 N N 0 0 1 .67 33177526 19.98 14.22 0 MRIA776431.1 789577764316 01 SALIERS,EMILY MURMURATION NATION 08/25/2017 001 008 US 1. Spider 2. Fly 3. Match 4. Ok Corral 5. Serpent Love 6. Long Haul 7. Sad One 8. Slow Down Day Friend 9. I'm High I'm on High 10. Poethearted 11. Hello Vietnam 12. Train Inside 13. 331 (Bonus Track) 14. Second Coming (Bonus Track) 15. J'aurais Voulu (Bonus Track) N N N N MRI ASSOCIATED 06/27/2017 5 26642 N N 0 0 1 1.26 40290027 30.98 22.27 0 MSWK970624.1 194397062410 01 SAN FERMIN CORMORANT I & II 03/27/2020 001 002 Limited double 180gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Includes insert. The Cormorant I ushers in a new era for San Fermin, who envision the eight-track collection as the first of two eventual full-length releases encompassing the full scope of the new project. It sets the tone for San Fermin's newest chapter, which largely takes place in the ordinary yet enchanted spaces of childhood, centering on the tension between growing up and longing for innocence. US N N N N MASTERWORKS 02/27/2020 2 26643 N N 0 0 2 1.06 27172933 29.98 19.72 0 MSHE54.1 634457662315 01 JAKOB SINES 02/10/2015 001 002 Sines is the first new release from Jakob in eight years. The silence is broken, and it was worth the wait. Jakob has toured with bands such as Tool, ISIS, Pelican, Thrice and many more. 1. Blind Them with Science 2. Emergent 3. Magna Carta 4. Harmonia 5. Resolve 6. Darkness 7. Sines N N N N MYLENE SHEATH 09/16/2014 5 26644 N N 0 0 2 .89 40043272 24.98 16.97 1 MSIP120.1 725543463418 01 FRANK & HIS SISTERS FRANK & HIS SISTERS 02/21/2020 001 012 US N N N N MISSISSIPPI-MRP REC 12/23/2019 1 26645 N N 0 1 1 .62 31342810 28.98 18.25 1 MOTR107.1 5060464100031 01 KHOMPA SHAPE OF DRUMS TO COME 09/02/2016 001 015 US 1. Nettle Empire 2. Religion 3. The Shape 4. Louder 5. Upside-Dow World 6. Make the Operator More Productive 7. D.A.C 8. Wrong Time Wrong Place N 180 N Y N MONOTREME RECORDS 07/22/2016 1 26646 N N 0 1 1 .75 31866552 29.98 22.18 1 MPCH11.1 4040824086558 01 PELTIER,TOMY CHARIOT OF ASTRAL LIGHT 03/03/2017 001 007 Limited vinyl LP pressing includes an insert with the story of these beloved sessions as told by Tomy Peltier. Tommy Peltier was born in New Orleans and came out to Los Angeles with his mom on his 13th birthday. A decade later he was a regular playing cornet with his group the Jazz Corps at the famous jazz club, The Lighthouse. In 1966 the Jazz Corps cut an album for Pacific Jazz and featured the fantastic Roland Kirk. In 1970, due to an injury, Peltier could no longer play the horn and looked for other means for expression. Not one to be undone, he took a few chords that he had learned from friends like Judee Sill - who became occasional collaborator, sometime lover, and lifelong friend - and set out as a singer/songwriter. None of that music saw the light until It was collected together as Chariot of Astral Light. They worked together on a lot of Peltier's material, and Judee pops up on half of the disc handling backing vocals, guitar and organ lines. He had a house in Echo Park where he held weekly Saturday recording sessions in his front room that a number of peripheral scenesters would attend (Lynn Blessing, Wolfgang Melz, Dave Parlato, and Barry McManus - all of whom appear here). Aside from the few takes done at actual studios, the bulk of the stuff was recorded in that tiny room. US N N N N MAPACHE RECORDS 12/07/2016 1 26647 N N 0 1 1 .54 36228874 18.98 12.15 32 MRG630.1 673855063010 01 ROCK-A-TEENS SIXTH HOUSE 06/29/2018 001 002 Following the Rock*A*Teens' 2014 reunion at the Merge 25 festival and the reissue of their last LP�Sweet Bird of Youth, the group returned to touring and playing live. Restless with the need to move forward, the band began writing and recording new music. Guided by a batch of home recordings and demos, songwriter and lead singer/guitarist Christopher Lopez, guitarist Justin Hughes, bassist William R. Joiner, and drummer Ballard Lesemann convened with Tim Delaney at Electron Gardens Studio and Rafael Pereira at Tribo Studios to shape their ideas into the glorious, bombastic new album�Sixth House. US 1. Billy Really 2. Lady MacBeth 3. Turn and Smile 4. Go Tell Everybody 5. Baby's on to Me 6. Closest to Heaven 7. Count in Odd Numbers 8. Lost in Sound 9. Listen, Sonny Boy 10. Crystal Skies N N N N MERGE RECORDS 05/14/2018 1 26648 N N 0 32 1 .63 35547549 9.98 6.50 2 MRBG45066.7 7119691249278 07 CLAUDIA DIEXA O MORRO CANTAR / MAS QUE N 11/24/2017 001 012 UK N N N N MR BONGO 11/20/2017 1 26649 N N 0 2 1 .10 21036248 12/23/2014 25.98 16.80 1 MRG50480.1 673855048000 01 SUPERCHUNK I HATE MUSIC 08/20/2013 001 002 1. Overflows 2. Me & You & Jackie Mittoo 3. Void 4. Staying Home 5. Low F 6. Trees of Barcelona 7. Breaking Down 8. Out of the Sun 9. Your Theme 10. Foh 11. What Can We Do N N N N MERGE RECORDS 06/27/2013 6 26650 N N 0 1 2 .77 31433723 24.98 16.75 0 MSMA34.1 880918224923 01 CHRISTENSEN,MATT HONEYMOONS 09/30/2016 001 015 LP version. Matt Christensen, the singer and guitarist of atmospheric masterminds Zelienople, presents his solo album, Honeymoons. His most recent solo endeavor however embodies a song writer deeply involved with his own vision of sound, resulting in an accomplishment strong enough to stand on it's own. Matt delivers a longing and emotional outreach through Honeymoons's six delicate songs and immersing into them provides a feeling of understanding and affiliation that turns solitude into a state of awareness and insight. The sparse instrumentation of broad guitar/effects and incisive drum machine adds immediacy to this recording and the airy arrangements keep the perfect balance between song structure, free-form playfulness and silence. Accompanied by Matt's echoing voice and personal lyrics, his recipe is being formed and dilated into an experience that requires devotion to be fully perceived and appreciated. "I'm See Through" may be the protagonist's self-perception but by guiding his compositions through foggy, pliant tone constellations he leaves us in doubt that Matt's output could ever be considered transparent. Honeymoons, his first album for Miasmah, is a perfect reminder of how interfering contradictions can make the most interesting installations. The confrontation of organic guitar movements, stirring poetry and patterns of beat arrangements create fascinating tension: Honeymoons's full scale won't unfold instantly but you will be captivated right away. The listener is allowed a deeply moving glance into a contemplative musician's mind by witnessing an outstanding statement for imparting the feeling of companionship. US N N N N MIASMAH 08/17/2016 5 26651 N N 0 0 1 .57 31611459 9.98 6.50 0 MRBG45013A.7 7119691240879 07 ELLEMA,ASSIYO MULATU ATSATKE FT FRANK HOLDER 10/28/2016 001 012 UK N N N N MR BONGO 10/11/2016 2 26652 N N 0 0 1 .12 36494842 11.98 8.00 0 MRBG136.7 7119691252919 07 O'SEIS SUICIDA 08/17/2018 001 002 "ONE OF THE RAREST RECORDS IN THE WORLD, BY 'OS MUTANTES' BEFORE THEY WERE 'OS MUTANTES'. HEAVYWEIGHT BRAZILIAN PSYCHEDELIC ROCK AND FOLK. 'O'Seis' are the core members of the mighty and legendary 'Os Mutantes' - namely Rita Lee and brothers Arnaldo and Se�rgio Baptista, accompanied here by Raphael Vilardi, Maria 'Mogguy' Malheiros and Luiz Pastura. The record features anthemic, heavyweight, psychedelic rock on 'Suicida' b/w deeper, tripped-out MPB-folk on 'Apocalipse'. Both tracks were written by Rita Lee, assisted by Tobe and Vilardi respectively. The term 'holy grail' is a little overused these days perhaps, but this definitely is one. Originally pressed and released by the band themselves in 1966, apparently only a handful of copies are known to exist (sources/numbers vary). The record has changed hands for up to a staggering $5000! Ouch. Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed courtesy of Warner Music UK LTD. US 1. Suicidas/Apocalipse N N N N MR BONGO 07/17/2018 2 26653 N N 0 0 1 .12 18583960 20.98 14.94 0 MRIA211440.1 020286211440 01 SURACHAI TO NO AVAIL 10/16/2012 001 002 1. To No Avail "A" - Surachai 2. To No Avail "B" - Surachai N N N N MRI ASSOCIATED 07/24/2012 5 26654 N N 0 0 1 .78 27990414 22.98 15.40 0 MRMI100615.1 889397101879 01 KIPELOV OTRAZHENIE (REFLECTION) 02/17/2015 001 002 N N N N MIRUMIR 03/10/2015 5 26655 N N 0 0 1 .50 38867569 26.98 19.96 0 MRTO6.1 8435008887834 01 SEAMS ANOTHER SIDE OF THE SEAMS 10/26/2018 001 002 US N N N N MERITORIO 03/20/2019 5 26656 N N 0 0 1 .50 27816417 24.98 17.70 0 MRY5353559.1 600753535592 01 THIN LIZZY BAD REPUTATION 03/23/2015 001 002 Limited edition vinyl LP repressing of this 1977 album by the Irish rockers led by vocalist, bassist and songwriter Phil Lynott. The band's line-up may have changed over the years, but their popularity remained strong in Europe and abroad during their 12 years as a recording and touring unit (1971-83) 1. Soldier of Fortune 2. Bad Reputation 3. Opium Trail 4. Southbound 5. Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in It's Spotlight) 6. Killer Without a Cause 7. Downtown Sundown 8. That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart 9. Dear Lord N N N N MERCURY 02/02/2015 2 26657 N N 0 0 1 .69 16144392 27.98 17.53 0 MSHE33.1 616892181965 01 BENEATH OBLIVION FROM MAN TO DUST 11/08/2011 001 002 From Man to Dust is an 80 minute journey through the deepest chasms of grief in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of nuclear fallout. The war inside is responsible for the war outside. The album was recorded in a massive, formerly abandoned warehouse in Cincinnati, OH by Andy Perkins, and mastered by the legendary engineer/producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High on Fire, Melvins). Beneath Oblivion combine the hypnotic, churning crunch of Sleep and Electric Wizard, with the raw, broken down contempt of Grief and Buzzoven and the monolithic heaviness of Zoroaster and YOB, but also has moments containing the more eclectic elements of Agalloch-esque Folk-Metal and Skepticism-esque funeral doom keys. "Inner and outer conflicts have grown, mental, global, crumbling and too far gone.
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Track List

Intro , The Atomic Mother , Hope, the Deceiver , Concussions of the Head & Heart , Empire , Barren Earth , Be My Destroyer , From Man to Dust

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