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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50 | Limitations apply

Rider B/W I Guess We Lost

WHITE 180-gram 7in
Rider" is the second single from the forthcoming LP "I Am Very Far" from Okkervil River. "The goal was to push my brain to places it didn't want to go. The idea was to not have any idea ? to keep myself confused about what I was doing, frontman Will Sheff says about Okkervil River's newest album. The resulting record, 'I Am Very Far,' is a startling break from anything this band has done before. By turns terrifying and joyous, violent and serene, grotesque and romantic, it's a celebration of forces beyond our control. 1. Rider 2. I Guess We Lost N N N N JAGJAGUWAR 05/04/2011 1 22445 N N 0 1 1 .12 31617246 9.98 6.50 2 MRBG45020B.7 711969121384 07 SIMONAL,WILSON NEM VEM QUE NAO TEM / NAO ADIA 10/28/2016 001 012 UK N N N N MR BONGO 10/12/2016 1 22446 N N 0 2 1 .11 33304700 17.98 12.82 2 SUB71194.1 098787119411 01 ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER TALK TIGHT 08/25/2017 001 002 US N N Y N SUB POP 07/17/2017 1 22447 N N 0 2 1 .59 35773146 31.98 20.54 1 JKOH4.1 5060446071809 01 KUSWORTH,DAVE BOUNTY HUNTERS 05/18/2018 001 002 US N N N PURPLE N JACK OF HEARTS 01/30/2018 1 22448 N N 0 1 1 .57 37009045 26.98 19.49 10 NTW31168.1 067003116817 01 GUSTER LOOK ALIVE 01/18/2019 001 002 Vinyl LP pressing. Look Alive - Guster's first new album in four years - was produced by Leo Abrahams (Regina Spektor, Brian Eno/David Byrne, Belle and Sebastian) and recorded in a vintage keyboard museum in Calgary, AB, with additional sessions helmed by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Alvvays) and Collin DuPuis (Angel Olsen, Lana Del Rey). It captures the group - Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller, Luke Reynolds, and Brian Rosenworcel - at an inspired moment, creating the most layered, moody and brilliantly unpredictable music of their storied career. Perhaps it was the 30 degree below zero weather that inspired Abrahams to encourage Guster to embrace "cold sounds" during the making of Look Alive. The album's title track opens with a stark, haunting synth refrain and veers in unexpected directions from there. "Despite having access to room after room of well-maintained analog keys, Leo gravitated to a cheap Ensoniq Mirage synth from the 1980's," recalls Rosenworcel. "It was the beginning of a stylistic clash that played out beautifully.
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Track List

Look Alive , Don't Go , Hard Times , Hello Mister Sun , Overexcited , Summertime , Terrified , Mind Kontrol , Not for Nothing , When You Go Quiet

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